6 Ways to Get Settled at a New Place

Somewhere in our life we all have to say good bye to our old place and make way to the new one. It could be college, university or a new job even. Its always exciting to know you are going a level up but at the same time there is always a fear in our head, what if we won't fit in? This question always scared me and I kept thinking how would I get settled? How will I be able to make new friends? What if they don't think I am cool enough for the place? So here a list of 6 steps you must take in

6 Things You Can Fill Yourself Up With When You Feel Empty

We all have days like this when for no particular reason we feel so empty inside. The feeling is so weird that you can't decide whether you're okay or depressed. It's a weird kind of hollowness. The feeling is so un-describable that you don't even feel like it's a good reason to take a day off. So you follow your routine heartlessly and have the worst day ever. So I tried a lot of things to make myself feel better and after a while I realize that there are actually a few things you can fill you

8 Ideas to Supercharge Your Depression and Anxiety Recovery

8 Ideas to Supercharge Your Depression and Anxiety Recovery When depression makes it difficult to function in your daily life, fear not—here are eight strategies to help you reclaim your wellness. I gave up two years of my life to depression. It started in small ways, but I sank layer through layer until negative thoughts were filling me up inside and I felt hollow and useless. I lost interest in everything, including getting good grades in my college courses. I started failing subjects when

6 Hard truths we must accept.

We are on a journey, a voyage of achieving the better versions of ourselves. Either we do it by realizing our skills or putting our dreams into work, emotional growth is required to face the challenges life throws at us. We need to be strong enough to not only accept the good life must offer but also the bad that is inevitable. Bad experiences are a great source of learning. Accepting the reality of different situations can help us in being strong enough and ready enough to embrace them when t

6 Pre-Organizing Tips For A Successful Event | Life | SuccessStory

Being an event organizer whenever I come across clients, I always get this feeling that they are so confused about what they want and how will they manage their event. They ask for an estimate without even letting us know about the event. They want people to understand their ideas without describing which is impossible. They don’t do much homework before approaching an event organizer. so here is a guide on how to organize a perfect event if you are a newbie. Many people believe that the event